Yang Lab

Lorillee Tallorin, Ph.D.


     Originally from sunny San Diego, California, I obtained my Bachelorís degree in Chemistry at the University of California-Los Angeles and Masterís of Science degree in Chemistry at California State University-Los Angeles. My past BS and MS research experiences in biochemistry (UC Los Angeles), chemical biology (UC San Francisco), and inorganic chemistry (CSU Los Angeles) motivated me to pursue my doctoral training in chemical biology under the mentorship of Professor Michael Burkart at the University of California-San Diego. My diverse research projects in the Burkart laboratory gave me the opportunity to develop chemical biology and computational tools to investigate protein-protein interaction in fatty acid biosynthesis towards metabolic engineering, drug discovery, and materials chemistry applications. Inspired by my chemical biology and natural product biosynthesis work during my doctoral studies, I am continuing my scientific training as a postdoctoral fellow under the tutelage of Professor Priscilla L. Yang. My current research focuses on characterizing and understanding the macromolecular machinery responsible for sterol biosynthesis in virus-host interactions involved in Hepatitis C. Aside from science, I enjoy traveling to new places, exploring delicious foods, playing board games, and photography.