Yang Lab

Pi-Chun Li, Ph.D.



     Originally from democratic Taiwan, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Life Science from Fu Jen Catholic University and Master’s degree in Oral Biology from National Taiwan University. I received my Ph.D. in Life Science, National Defense Medical Center. As a Ph.D. student, I worked in Dr. Han-Chung Wu’s lab in Academia Sinica, Taiwan. Development of therapeutic antibodies against dengue virus is one of my projects and also my Ph.D. dissertation. We combined human scFv antibody phage display library and hybridoma techniques to generate monoclonal antibodies against dengue virus, as well as investigated mechanism of antibody-mediated neutralization and enhancement in dengue viral infection in vitro and in vivo. Beyond virology, my research topics also include oncology, such as cancer-targeted therapy and drug delivery. Then I worked at Fountain Biopharma Inc., a subsidiary company in Taiwan and conducted basic and applied project on development of antiviral drugs. In January 2016, I joined the Yang lab to study small molecule inhibitors of Flavivirus. Outside of the lab, I love doing yoga, discovering delicious food, and traveling with lovely friends and family.