Yang Lab

Supanee Potisopon, Ph.D.


     Originally from Thailand, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Life sciences and Master’s degree in Microbiology and Immunology from Bordeaux Segalen University, Bordeaux, France. Next I moved to Marseille, France to complete my PhD “Human Pathology and Infectious Diseases” at Aix-Marseille University in the lab of Dr. Bruno Canard. I studied the enzymatic mechanism of the dengue virus NS5 polymerase in order to develop for the antiviral drug development. In August 2015, I joined the Yang Lab and my current research is focused on the biochemical function of the dengue viral E protein in viral entry as an alternative target for antiviral drug development efforts. I am additionally interested in opportunities to leverage my knowledge of basic molecular mechanisms in translational biomedical research efforts aimed at the development of small molecule antivirals that can be used to demonstrate proof-of-concept for new antiviral strategies in cellula and in vivo. Outside of lab I like to cook for several type of food, do the photography and do meditation.